Your Keys to the American Dream


Through assisting with the purchase of a home, the Avanti Team provides new home buyers with not only the pride of ownership but also the security and confidence of investing in a brighter tomorrow as well as the creation of an estate for their families. The pathway to the Middle Class often begins with that first home purchase. 

Experts in Home Purchase Assistance Programs

The Avanti Team has a wealth of knowledge regarding the numerous local and federal Home Purchase Assistance Programs available for home purchases. From FHA and VA programs, as well as all the down payment assistance programs available through HPAP, EPAP, D.C. Open Doors, and NACA, the Avanti Team will custom fit each purchaser’s plan to reach home buying success. We will also identify Lease-Purchase or Owner Financing opportunities to remove any toxic barriers preventing you from the ultimate goal of homeownership.


Your Home Financing Specialists

Financing Your Home Purchase

It is actually who you know... The Avanti Team has firsthand knowledge of where the best mortgage assistance financing programs are located. We have also established relationships with several financial institutions and lenders who have the ability to structure and provide home purchase financing to fit individual circumstances.


Credit Issues? No Problem

Avanti helps you to overcome credit challenges. We provide FREE Credit Counseling to enable prospective purchasers to remove home financing barriers. Our lenders will then be able to provide you with your pre-qualification letter that will allow you to purchase the home of your dreams.  


Expert Guidance in Equity Accumulation

The benefit of equity build-up and economic stabilization is one of the most important rewards of homeownership. This equity can then be utilized to start a business, send a child to college, and/or make other lucrative real estate investments. Statistically, it’s been demonstrated that homeownership is the overwhelming foundation for wealth creation that provides the stimulus to change lives forever!